Monkey GO Happy 4 Walkthrough







Scene 1.

1. Click lights to turn on

2. Click both crossing gates to lower


Scene 2.

1. Click loose fence post on right side of the screen

2. Pickup leaf rake

3. Rake the pile of leafs 3 times.


Scene 3.

1. Click door knocker to get basket

2. Click all five apples on the tree

3. Pickup all five apples from the ground

4. Put all five apples into the basket

5. Click door knocker again

6. Open window


Scene 4.

1. Pickup sack

2. Pickup pumpkin

3. Pickup stick

4. Pickup rake

5. Pickup straw hat

6. Place stick into the ground on the left side of the screen

7. Place the sack on the stick

8. Place the pumpkin onto the stick

9. Place the the hat onto the pumpkin

10. Place the rake next to the sack


Scene 5.

1. Pickup battery on top of cabinet on the right.

2. Move left sliding door on cabinet to uncover a battery and craft knife. Pickup battery and craft knife.

3. Move left sliding door back into original position and then move right sliding door to uncover a battery and a key. Pickup battery and key.

4. Use key on the door on the left.

5. Pickup battery inside closet on top shelf.

6. Pull out box from closet.

7. Use knife on box.

8. Pull out toy robot

9. Move box on top right shelf to uncover a battery. Pickup battery.

10. Move can on top of cabinet to uncover a battery. Pickup battery.

11. Open the battery pack on the toy robots chest.

12. Place all six batteries inside the robot.


Scene 6.

1. Click the power button on the top of the device.

2. Click the GAMES folder.

3. Click the Monster Monkeys game. Press to play.

4. Your goal is to get 1000 points. Do so by

a. Clicking the monster monkeys that climb the buildings to break the windows.

b. Clicking the monster monkey that stomps when a truck passes so it crushes it.

c. Clicking the monster monkey that stands at the top of the building so that it knocks down an airplane.


Scene 7.

1. Push the bin over

2. Pickup the coat hanger from inside the bin

3. Use coat hanger on the boot of the blue car

4. Pickup brush

5. Use brush on paint

6. Paint 3 lines onto the road (A crossing)

7. Open gate on the other side of the road.


Scene 8.

1. Move rug under door to uncover key. Pickup key.

2. Use key on office door.

3. Unzip bag to get coinbox key

4. Move trash can

5. Pull out coinbox and use key to unlock it.

6. Turn on power by pulling the red lever on the power box

7. Place power plug into socket

8. Open coinbox and get coin

9. Place coin into game machine cooin slot.

10. Press red button on game machine to play the game

11. Move out of the way of the cars by pressing the red button on the machine. If you crash, get another coin and put in into the game machine coin slot. Play until you’re at 1st position.


Scene 9.

1. Pickup up the 2 rocks from the ground

2. Spread the bush on the lower right side of the screen to uncover the third rock. Pickup rock.

3. Pull on the handle on the right side of the screen to get catapult into position.

4. Place a rock onto the end of the catapults arm. Wind the catapult arm down by turning the wheel. Fire the catapult by pulling the lever on the left hand side of the catapult.

5. Continue these step 4 two more times to destroy castle.


Scene 10.

1. Pickup the pistol on the top left.

2. Defend the Research Centre by shooting the enemies. When you’ve gotten 200 points for shooting enemies the rifle will be unlocked.

With this inflict more damage on your enemy.

3. Once you have 400 point the cannon is unlocked. With this you can kill an enemy with one shot. Continue until the base is defended and the Monkey clones come out to help.


Scene 11.

1. Move paper weight from the stack of papers

2. Use the numbers on the clock 1347 to open the door lock

3. Pull out fan

4. Plug in fan plug into the socket

5. Move the fan so it points upward by pulling the red lever

6. Press the red button to turn on the fan and watch the papers



Scene 12.

1. Move rock block next to the door to uncover an axe. Pickup axe

2. Use the axe on the padlock on the shed in the background. Pickup wheel from inside.

3. Use the axe on the tree. Chop it 3 times so it falls

4. Place tree stump into cart

5. Place wheel on cart

6. Move cart to break down the door


Scene 13.

1. Pickup pieces of the tombs face from the sand and place them into the correct positions (Using the outlines as guides)

2. Move rocks to uncover 2 final pieces and place those in their correct positions

3. When all pieces are in, turn the circle lever on the tomb to uncover the staff

4. Place the staff into the statues hand

5. Move the cloud to get sunlight

6. Pickup the spade

7. Use the spade on the spot the sun higlights. Dig 3 times.

8. Pull out the small golden monkey statue


Scene 14.

1. Pickup snow shovel

2. Shovel away the large pile of snow on the left until the power box is clear and the pile on the right until the toolbox is visible.

3. Pickup toolbox

4. Open toolbox

5. Pickup all 3 wrenches

6. Remove lid from power box

7. Use large wrench to turn large screw and aling the wires. Do so with the medium wrench on the medium screw, small wrench on the small screw. When the wires are correctly alinged the cable car will start.


Scene 15.

1. Open the recipe scroll on the top shelf on the right side

2. Pickup wire below the old monkey.

3. Use wire on the wooden wall cabinet on the left

4. Get key from cabinet and open the door to reveal the flower bush

5. Follow the recipe by putting the correct number of ingredients into the pot. If you make a mistake use the ladle to stir and when you see black smoke rise the pot is reset.


4 x eyeballs

2 x drops of liquid

3 x feathers

5 x chicken feet

1 x flower

When complete, stir with ladle to see the potion work its magic.


Final level.

1. Click the highlighted books on the book shelf to knock down.

Pickup yellow and red keys from inside the fallen books. On each level of the book shelf there are also books to move to uncover more candy.

2. Use yellow key on the left door, the red key on the right door

3. Pickup crowbar and battering ram from inside the doors.

4. Pull screw above painting to knock it down

5. Use crowbar on the 2 floor tiles and on the uncovered area behind the painting to reveal more candy

6. Use the battering ram on the door below the stairs to uncover the gas bottle. Pickup gas bottle.

7. Use the battering ram on the the wall crack on the right side of the screen 3 times to uncover more candy.

8. Pickup candle and use it on the fireplace.

9. Place gas bottle onto the fire, this will explode uncovering more candy

10. Move vase to break and uncover more candy

11. Pull jaw of bear head on the wall to get more candy

12. Pull bears eye out to get a piece of candy

13. Open window and move bushes to get candy

14. Using the uncovered symbols on the walls, the floor, the grass, behind the doors etc. Complete the puzzle.

Now you should have all the candy!


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